Friday, March 19, 2010

Daphne Iking Stands Up Against Coal Fired Power Plant for Sabah

Kuala Lumpur, 18th March 2010:
Concerned for the future of the next generation, Daphne Iking signs the petition against having a coal fired power plant built on the East Coast of Sabah.

“I want my daughter and her daughters’ daughter to be able to live in a clean environment,” said Daphne Iking after signing the petition yesterday.

Iking stated that climate change is an issue we have to address now, and as Malaysians we should be promoting green solutions instead of going for sunset industries such as coal fired power plants.

“Most people are fed-up of hearing people talk about climate change, we must act right now.

Malaysians have an opportunity to act, to do the right thing, so lets make the right decision not just for a quick fix solution but for the future generation,” explained Iking.

“I am concerned for the people who live close to the proposed plant especially for their children,” stated Iking.

Iking who hails from Sabah also pointed out that Sabah is well known as being a nature destination with amazing wildlife.

“Sabah is the stronghold for wonderful wildlife such as the orang-utan as well as the world’s smallest bear and the gentle Pygmy elephants, why ruin this imagine by building a coal fired power plant especially when we have viable alternatives from biomass waste of agriculture like palm oil?” asked Iking.

“Even at home we can make a difference by buying and using rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries compared to the regular batteries that we buy and can only use once before having to throw it out,” stated Iking.

“At the global level, Sabah could be a leading example for Malaysia showing that we are addressing our problems such as electricity issues with green solutions,” said Iking.

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