Thursday, August 19, 2010

DEIA REJECTED!! Plant however still not scrapped!!

Daily Express, Front Page, 19th August 2010
However, this DOES NOT MEAN that the plant is canceled, it does however help!

Well done to ALL the people who took the time to write to Department of Environment, we heard it helped. SO BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!

Stay tuned because this only stalls their plans and does not cancel it. It also (hopefully) means that now they have to look seriously into alternatives that are available today such as gas, biomass, energy efficiency (walk into a shopping mall and realise how much is wasted!).

Thank you all and keep vigilant on this issue. Feel empowered for we would not be HERE at this juncture without all of you! Well done YOU!


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Kai Lord said...

The war goes on...thank you for fighting for us!