Monday, October 10, 2011


10th OCTOBER 2011

We questioned the sincerity of our PM. Only less than a month ago, he said Malaysia should move towards a more open society. Peaceful assembly shall be allowed but that was not reflected in the Himpunan Hijau 109 event in Kuantan. Police and the local town council have taken unnecessary actions to interrupt the event and intimidate the organizer and participants.

Permits from both the police and local council were withdrawn at the eleventh hour. Temporary tents and stage that were already set up by the organizer at the event venue were dismantled in the middle of the night. Uniformed Armed personnels were dispatched on site. Roadblocks were set up and parking areas were sealed. This is blatant abuse of power.The only reason given was instruction from above. We would like to know who is the person above giving such instruction. Is he above the people?

Government controlled medias have distorted and misreported the event with agendas that only they themselves know. We wish to clarify that Himpunan Hijau 109 is a people’s movement and is purely organized by the community group. It is a movement that transcends political boundaries. All political parties including Barisan Nasional component party came and supported the event with only one agenda. They decided to stand on the side of the people. National television news has lied to the people and the whole nation by saying that the event is a failure and that it is organized and backed by the opposition.

The event marked major victory of people’s power and people must know this is not the climax of our struggle. It is only the first wave hitting the shore. We assure you that if nothing change we will bound to see the greatest tsunami.
In reference to the anti Lynas campaign, we want everyone to know that we will walk the streets one way or another. Either to celebrate victory or to express the strongest anger. The people have already decided. Now it’s up to the authorities.

National Steering Committee
Himpunan Hijau 109


*Note : Photos are available for download at Facebook : Pahang Don’t Need “Hazardous” Project


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this issue should be handled by appropriate debate, discussion or something.