Friday, November 13, 2009

Good points by Dorothy for the PM!

The following is a really good statement posted by a Dorothy for the Prime Minister: Coal and Sabah

Dear Mr Prime Minister Greetings and blessing to you from Sabah

Thank you for your concern on the plight of Sabahan concerning the shortage of power supply. With due respect, I would like to say that bringing in Coal Power Plant to Sabah is not the solution that we Sabahan wants. There are much better options in dealing with this issue, such as solar energy, biomass and so forth, as to what The National Green Technology Policy (NGTP) is all about. The reason given by TNB for not selecting these options is that, it is still at its infancy stage. But if Malaysia can spend billions in sending an astronaut to space then Malaysia too can spend billions in finding an alternative to Coal Power Plant.

TNB has given an assurance that the proposed Coal Power Plant would be a clean power plant, but it is known that no matter how clean it claims to be, there will still be discharge from combustion of the fossil fuels into the air that causes pollution, health problems (e.g. lung cancer) and also greenhouse gasses in which is the major contributor on Global Warming. Then, there would also be the issue of solid ash waste in which contains heavy metal. These facts can be easily seen in countries that say “We practice Clean Coal Power Plant” The effect of prolonged dependencies on Coal Power plants towards the people and the environment are quite devastating. So bearing this in our mind, we Sabahan are saying “No to Coal Power Plant” not only for us but also for our children, grand children and the future generation.

As a Sabahan I am proud of Sabah’s rich heritage of biodiversity which ages back to million of years and its abundant wildlife habitat. Sabah is internationally known for these. This is affirmed by the increasing number of tourist coming into Sabah. So it is only understandable, why this is another reason, we Sabahans opposed to the Coal Power Plant. We, Sabahans would like to have a comfortable life too, just as our counter parts in Semenanjung but we do not want to have this comfortable life at the expense of sacrificing our pride and joy of Sabah being internationally known of its richness and uniqueness. Please understand our plight and our reason for saying “No to Coal Power Plant”. Give us alternative to Coal Power Plant and help us to safeguard our heritage. Salam sejahtera.

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