Monday, December 28, 2009

Please READ this article which insults Sabahan's and our ability to stand up for our environment!

This shocking column was printed by the News Straits Times on Christmas Day.

The columnist (not journalist) stated, "The woolly-minded democracy-boosters in Sabah also need to be very careful of what they really wish for."

He also seems to be confused as what constitutes renewable energy as he states, "Sarawak - ostensibly the new corridor of renewable energy - breezes along nicely without the burden of a public debate on whether or not to have coal-fired power stations." Hello, since when is coal a renewable energy?? And I think all Malaysians know they type of democracy practiced in Sarawak...

But wait there's more... "The green campaigners need to take their fight somewhere else. In these parts, where trees still outnumber humans, the minimal extra carbon emitted from coal-burning is not a seriously damaging trade-off."
(Note: Italicised emphasis added by Green SURF)

Well you can read the full "column" at :

Judge for yourself....And hopefully you will write to the "columnist" at and better still write to the Editor at Please include your name (but you can include a pseudonym), your address and your phone number.

If you agree with this posting please do write to the Editor and make it known.

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